With IZSEL You Are Ready, Whatever The Weather

Not prepared to let anyone or anything rain on our parade, IZSEL was born out of a desire to create a rain boot that blended practical weather protection with sophistication in a sleek, slimline silhouette. Stepping out in both style and comfort was paramount, thus inspiring our high-fashion rain boots that deliver a unique combination of chic and utility.

Whether city, country, rain or shine, our rain boots are effortless and elegant.

Splash Out!

At IZSEL, we empower the audacious woman to conquer her world with confidence and grace, infusing each step with elegance and poise.

Blending iconic Australian design with luxurious Italian craftsmanship and the dynamic vibe of Hong Kong HQ, IZSEL redefines rainy days with style. It's not just footwear—it's a declaration, a lifestyle, and a tribute to the invincible feminine spirit.

Uncompromising Quality

Italian leather insole and a body of the highest quality PVC, these boots offer unparalleled wet protection and a signature high-gloss finish. The meticulous blend of strength, durability, and lightweight comfort is further enhanced by a TPU blended sole and unique thread pattern, assuring optimal traction.

Encased in a bespoke dust bag, IZSEL boots seamlessly transition from casual to corporate, cafe to cocktail, embodying the essence of women who command their style without compromising comfort or quality.

Rain Supreme